Pre-Employment Tests for X-Ray Screeners

Identify the candidates that possess the skills, personality and characteristics needed to become successful x-ray screeners.

Comprehensive Testing

Pre-M includes 8 aptitude tests and an optional personality test. They have been developed with the assistance of reputable psychologists, doctors and security industry specialists.

In-Built Tutorial

The system includes a built-in tutorial that guides the user through each test. The tests do not require the candidate to have any prior knowledge of x-ray screening.

Automated Reports

Pre-M generates reports after the completion of each test.

Each report contains results for each test within the exam and an evaluation of the overall capabilities of the candidate.

Online & Stand Alone

Pre-M can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

For organisations not able to carry out the tests online, we also have a standalone version which can be quickly installed onto any computer.

Pre-M Tests


Colour Identification

Using the Ishihara test to assess candidates for colour vision deficiency.

Why? Screeners need to be able to differentiate between orange organic material and blue metallic material whilst analysing X-ray images.

Basic Image Interpretation

Tests the ability to identify everyday objects displayed under x-ray.
Why? While working with X-rays, screeners must be able to identify objects based only on their shape and components.

Threat Object Recognition

Assesses candidates’ basic threat identification skills when objects are presented from various perspectives.

Why?  Screeners must be able to differentiate common threats from everyday items from various angles and under different backgrounds.

Mental Rotation

Verifies that candidates have the ability to rotate objects in their minds to recognise them.

Why?  During the screening operation, certain screening
technologies present images in a 3D format. This test
challenges the ability of the screener to identify objects
in a 3D environment.

Object Recognition – Superimposition

Asks to identify items overlapped by others, using correctly image removal tools. The test indicates correct assessment vs lack of confidence.

Why?  This test identifies screeners that may be overconfident vs screeners who lack confidence. The overconfident screener will cause false alarms, while the insecure screener will cause extra secondary searches of bags.

Attention to Anomalies

Requires candidates to spot minor anomalies on X-ray images of innocent items.

Why?  Concealments are manifested in minute changes to the structure and the look of the object. The ability to spot these little details will enable the operator to identify threat objects.

Sustained Attention

Measures consistent reaction time to rapidly changing images, ensuring that screeners can focus on their task without loss of attention.

Why?  X-ray screening is a monotonous task which requires full concentration and attention. In 20 minutes a screener is expected to screen 240 bags. It is therefore essential to determine the ability of a person to concentrate.

Visual Closure

Evaluates the ability to recognise items when only small parts of the item are visible, by effectively utilising visual memory.

Why? An X-ray image of a bag usually presents multiple overlapping items. A screener can recognise those items by effectively using their visual memory and ability to spot key markers which can be used to identify the object.


A specialised questionnaire to ensure candidates possess the right personality traits.

Why?  We have identified 16 personality traits that can contribute to effective performance. For example diligence, assertiveness and self-consciousness.

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